About Us

Arasteh foundation is an apolitical, non-governmental 501 (C) (3) charity organization that was incorporated on September 24, 20 10 as a California nonprofit public benefit corporation. The primary purpose of the Foundation is to provide merit based financial assistance to underprivileged students by providing scholarships and research grants to qualifying students of Iranian descent.

With the help of our generous donor contributions, Arasteh foundation has already provided for over one hundred and fifty outstanding high school and college students with a breadth of interests.

Each year thousands of deserving students fail to pursue their dreams of higher education simply because they cannot afford it.  At Arasteh Foundation we believe that access to higher education is a fundamental driver to personal fulfillment; but our aim is to reach beyond individuals, as it is our belief that these individuals enrich our society and therefore the world. 

Our Mission

To make a difference in the world, and to give the highly talented and genius students the opportunity to pursue their dreams and become the possibility that they can be, to increase access to education, and to assist them to pursue their educational projects and to eliminate illiteracy and ignorance.

Our Vision

To globally help all exceptional talented and genius students who are financially challenged and make it possible for all of them to become their possibility and therefore contribute to society.