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Our Generous Donors

It’s an investment in our scholars. It’s a belief that they can and will succeed. It’s a ripple effect into our community through them. It’s more than a donation.

It’s hope for our future

There are many ways to support and invest in the future of students. You can become a regular donor or donate as a one time participant.

Honor a Special Person

Honor a special person or make a memorial donation.

Monthly Giving

Commit to a monthly donation amount. Your monthly donations make an enormous difference in our ability to sponsor students on a continuous basis.

Sponsor a Student

You may directly sponsor a student.

Your investment - large or small - empowers a student to pursue their dreams

By giving, you help our scholars pursue their education and enrich the lives of their families and communities.

Education“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.“ Nelson Mandela