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Jila Ajeli Kashef

Jila Ajeli Kashef

Ms. Jila Ajeli Kashef is the founder and president of KCIS and the founder of “Anjoman Yarane Danesh va Mehr (AYDM), a sister organization of KCIS in Iran. Jila has served as volunteer and later a board member of Iranian Children’s Rights Society (ICRS) based in Los Angles, for several years.

She started her humanitarian activity when she was forced to work at an early age and started her first job at the Centers for School of Social Work established by Mrs. Satareh Farman Farmaian in Iran. Parallelling with the passion of her humanity in NGO activities, Jila has had a long career in Information Technology at Sony Pictures Entertainment. Jila graduated from the University of Kassel in Germany in the Agricultural Engineering field. After working for a few years in Germany and Iran, she immigrated to the States and continued her education in Information Technology. Early retirement due to health has given Jila the chance to spend more time on her passion of serving children from deprived families to stay in school while spending time on taking care of her well-being.

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